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Banish acne the natural way!

Acne is a common skin condition and will affect most people at some stage in their lives. It can be caused by a variety of things including hormones, stress, genetics, diet and infections. Conventional treatments for acne are often expensive and have undesirable side effects, not to mention an array of potentially unsafe ingredients. Luckily, there are many natural alternatives and we will introduce you to some tried and tested products that are known to work. 


It's important to keep our skin clean, but even more so when you have acne or oily skin as you may be more prone to infections. In the morning and evening, it is recommeded that you wash your face with a suitable cleanser. In terms of cleansers, the Hey Gorgeous Activated Charcoal Cleanser is a great option. It is gentle enough for acne prone skin but will also deep cleanse pores to remove excess oil. It contains activated charcoal and natural salicylic acid to help prevent spots. You should start seeing a difference within a couple of weeks.


Another option is the Earthsap Tea Tree Face Wash. Tea Tree is known to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. It cleans oily skin witthout leaving it dry. 



Back 2 Nature also has a detoxyfying face wash that is packed with acne fighting ingredients such as Kaolin Clay, Rooibos,Coconut, Almond and Tea Tree Oil.


Victorian Garden utilises Lemon and Geranium to help heal blemishes and rid the skin of excess oil.


Apart from cleansing, you can also ocassionally exfoliate your skin to keep it smooth and soft. However, it is important to use a gentle exfoliator so not to aggravate your skin. Hey Gorgeous Activated Charcoal Facial Scrub will clean, tone and hydrate your skin so its a great addition to your skincare routine.



Although toners are not an integral part of everyone's skincare routine, they are effective at absorbing excess liquids and balancing the pH of our skin. The Victorian Garden Lavender and Juniper Berry Toner will do exactly that and, therefore, can be beneficial for people with acne.


Witch Hazel has strong anibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is why Back 2 Nature has included it in their Witch Hazel and Rose Water Toner.


Earthsap's Tea Tree Toner can also be used after the Tea Tree Cleanser to balance and protect your skin.




While most people avoid moisturising their acne prone skin, it is actually important to keep your skin hydrated. If skin is allowed to become too dry, it will increase the inflammation and, thus, appear more red and irritated. Therefore, moisturiser will calm the inflammation associated with acne. Hey Gorgeous has a Banish and Repair Moisturiser and Serum to hydrate acne prone skin, without leaving it greasy. They contain ingredients such as Calendula, Jojoba and Neem Oil which all assist to reduce acne and heal scars. The serum has more of a watery consistency and is easily absorbed by the skin.




Victorian garden uses Tea Tree and Lavender in their mosturiser for oily skin. It is non greasy and will assist the skin to heal.


Their Lavender and Myrrh Healing Oil is also great to apply directly to spots and will effectively treat and heal blemishes.


Another product that can be applied to spots is the Simply Bee Acne Balm which contains propolis, another powerful ingredient to reduce inflammation and prevent infection.


Lastly, the Back 2 Nature Day Cream contains marula and coconut oil which are great to reduce the appearance of scars caused by acne. 


Banish your acne blues away with our range of effective and affordable natural solutions!