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Earthsap Tea Tree Liquid Hand Wash 250Ml

Earthsap Tea Tree Liquid Hand Wash 250ml

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We love Earthsap’s Tea Tree Hand Wash. Cleans without drying hands. Great for the whole family! 

There is nothing quite like tea tree when it comes to getting rid of nasty germs, bacteria, fungus and infections. So it’s no wonder that Earthsap created a lovely natural hand soap using tea tree oil as its key ingredient. Wheat germ was added to ensure that your skin is nourished and hydrated. What’s more, this liquid hand wash is 100% non-toxic – that means no petrochemicals or artificial preservative to dry out your hands. Packaged in a handy pump bottle, Earthsap’s liquid hand soap is ideal for your bathroom or kitchen sink.


Use as required.


Purified water, saponified coconut extract, decyl/lauryl glucoside, wheat germ, salt, tea-tree essential oil.

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