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Probac Bathroom Cleaner Spray 750ml - Made by Nature

Probac Bathroom Cleaner Spray 750ml

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PROBAC Bathroom Cleaner gives you a cutting-edge natural clean for a natural home.

PROBAC Bathroom Cleaner is a complete bathroom deep cleaner and odour control for toilets and urinals, shower cubicles glass and mirrors, basins baths floors and fittings.


Spray moderately onto all surfaces and wipe or scrub with brush or sponge if required. No rinsing necesary. For toilets and urinals, spray into bowl and agitate with toilet brush and leave until next flush:


PROBIOTICS: 5.4 x 107 cfu / ml – Blend of multi-strain bacillus spores
SURFACTANT: 15 - 25% Non-ionic Surfactant (Plant based) / 0 - 5% Soap (Plant based)
Appearance: Opaque blue liquid Fragrance: Fresh floral PH: 6.5 – 7.5 (Neutral) Shelf-life: 2 years