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Vondi’s Food Supplement 250g - Made by Nature

Vondi’s Food Supplement 250g

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Vondi’s Food Supplement offers REAL and wholesome nutritional supplements that specifically target the vitamin and mineral requirements of puppies, kittens and older pets.

There is no harm in supplementing a natural diet with added natural minerals as this helps to improve digestion, build immunity, strengthen bones and fulfill specific mineral requirements.


  • Yeast: All B vitamins
  • Lecithin: Helps the body absorb fats
  • Garlic: A natural antibiotic and flea deterrent
  • Kelp: Sea minerals
  • Calcium: Bone builder
  • Dandelion: Cleans the liver and kidneys
  • Vitamin C: Contains just a tiny amount as pets produce a lot of their own
  • Calcium ascorbate: Used as we don’t want to irritate the lining of the stomach


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